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Programmable, Distributed, Immutable, Secure blockchain, ledger for progressive, trustless, digital societies

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We are a team of talented people with big ideas and creative minds. We are here to give you FICT, a programmable ledger that you can use to build any multi-party transaction system you can think of. FICT Ledger is a perfect platform to build blockchain enabled solutions for digital contracts. We know what developers need and what they do best, and we are here for you.

“ The precursor to all mathematical logic is one condition: Future may change as much as needed, but History should not change ”

- FICT Ledger



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As humans need air, water, food etc. for survival, emerging species such as Homo Evolutis will need data as one of the key surviving factors and immutability of it is going to be key success factor for its evolution to happen. Just like how contaminated food, air, or water can destroy Homo sapiens, contaminated data can have similar effect on Homo Evolutis. Distributed Ledger is going to play an important role in this evolution.

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    `Blockchain` abstracted out `transaction records` in Bitcoin and became applicable for more scenarios than just `currency exchange`. Humans interact in more ways than just `transactions`. Humans express `intents`, and then sometimes successfully convert those intents to `contracts / agreements`, which result in one or multiple `transactions` (blockchain) carried out using one or multiple currencies (bitcon).

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    In our existing society, intents and contracts are valid legally (just like transactions) and there are sections in law in each society/country safe-guarding these intents and contracts.